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Will you interface with our home warranty service if I sign up with you?

There are quite a few companies that offer to lower the risk to owners of potential maintenance repairs that may come up. Although there are some owners that swear by them, here is what we have found about the majority of them:
1) They don’t cover many kinds of repairs
2) Many of our contractors have done work and then either been nickel and dimed or not paid at all and because of this they won’t do work related to home warranty companies.
3) In order to get pay it has required hours of administrative work
4) When they use their own contractors there are often lengthy delays that hurts the relationship we have with the tenant.

So if you want to use your home warranty company with our management services here is what we will do. If we haven’t previously had a bad experience with your company we will try it once. If there are delays in using them or delays in service or they require our workers to be paid we will bypass them and no longer use them. If they seem to be reliable other than being administratively difficult we can call you as the owner and you can handle all that and continue to use them.

Updated on February 8, 2019

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