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What statements and reports can owners access?

There are 2 main kinds of statements that will be available in the statements tab of your portal. You want to know the kind of statement your are looking at and that is especially helpful
1) Owner statement simple – This is a chronological statement of all line items on your account with the date, item description of what was paid and or why and to who payment was made as well as a running account balance after line item amount. This would be very similar to your check book ledger. A question like why exactly was my pay out this month a little less than normal is easily answered by this statement. You can simply go and see the date that rent came in and then easily see that there was a registration fee to city paid out of 200 which meant you got paid $200 less this month. An owner statement simple might look like this though there are several other tables that also make up the statement:

2) Owner statement detail by building – This is statement for a period with line items arranged by income and expense categories along with sub totals. This would be similar to a profit and loss accounting statement which helps you understand the how and what of of money flowing through your account. So this will come in handy when trying to understand your strategically what is happening to your money. Although you will get these monthly they are really more helpful when looking at larger amounts of expenses over a longer period of time to see what kinds of expenses are your biggest costs. An owner statement detail by building might look like this:

If you have special needs we may also have internal reports that can be emailed to you automatically using our internal reporting system. Those reports can be mailed in Excel or PDF format.

Updated on February 8, 2019

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