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Video intro and walk through of owner portal

Your online portal that we offer via Propertyware is like your cockpit for your rental property investment with us. However just like that of a jet airplane – it can be a bit complex and maybe you will want to have a checklist or routine for going in periodically and making sure you are understanding the numbers.

Now first things first… you did know we provided a portal right?

If not please send an email to support@propertymanagementoh.com and we will make sure you have an invite. The original invite may have been sent to spam folder or you might have thought it was just some other automatic email to ignore and delete or archive (horror of horrors we would never spam you).

Please see a link below to a portal walk through. This will help you understand what is available to you on your owner portal. As a note we did this a while ago and there is no maintenance tab on the current portal which is mentioned here.

Updated on February 8, 2019

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