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Explaining the my account tab of your portal

The My Account tab  (this is the welcome page) of your portal gives you communication abilities with our team as well as some basic information about bills due and the ability to edit your personal information.

If you want to update your photo then when we chat back and forth on Propertyware we can actually see your face:

You will see an alert for bills pending if you have any however generally these will not come as alerts as they pay immediately out from rent not yet paid out to you:

Next to “My contact information” you can click the edit button and this is a great way to update your mailing address:

WARNING – As a note however many owners have multiple contact profiles in our system. So if you own properties in corporate entities then this will update your personal mailing address but not the address for the corporate entities which is the address that typically checks go out to as well as 1099s and other documentation.

Thus it is best to make sure you also email us at support@propertymanagementoh.com to update your address.

Online conversations:

Hope this little walk through on your portal helps. You may want to reference this and other portal related emails.

Updated on February 8, 2019

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